Local Florida Business Leader Sherief Abu-Moustafa

Sherief Abu-Moustafa

A Devoted Philanthropist, Dedicated Community Leader and Local Florida Business Leader, Sherief’s vision and generosity provide hundreds of individual treatment scholarships and educational services for both families and organizations.

Community Involvement

Sherief’s community involvement impact has been far-reaching: By opening the door to treatment for people who would otherwise not be able to afford it, Sherief has helped save countless lives from addiction and overdose, both in South Florida and across the nation.

Sherief Abu Moustafa FHE Health Community
Sherief Abu Moustafa Florida House

Florida House Experience

Florida House Experience started as an idea nearly 20 years ago in South Florida, the hub of the substance abuse treatment industry. Over time, Sherief’s vision transformed the men’s-only sober living facility, known as “the Florida House,” into a small addiction treatment campus. Later outgrown the original Florida treatment model. With the idea of aligning their core values and innovative treatment methods in a better light.

FHE Health was created *

fhe health sherief moustafa

FHE Health

FHE Health is a healthcare institution that delivers quality, medically integrated personalized treatment for those suffering from Behavioral Health Disorders. Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Proud to ethically serve the South Florida community as well as the nation with our healthcare services. Specializing in addictive disorders and other behavioral health diagnoses such as mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and traumatic disorders.

Sherief Abu-Moustafa of FHE Health -CEO and Founder

“I imagine a future in which more Americans than ever are accessing treatment and our country has turned the corner in deaths of despair- towards a future where the hope for healing is everywhere.”

– Sherief Abu-Moustafa/ CEO and Founder of FHE Health


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Sherief Abu-Moustafa’s local impact, starting with a sober house has expanded into a business that has helped people around the nation face mental health and substance use crises. His story is one that proves we are all capable of making a positive impact on the world, and that starts right at home.

Devoted Community Leader Sherief Moustafa

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