FHE Health Founder Sherief Abu-Moustafa

Sherief Abu-Moustafa

Business Owner, Philanthropist and Community Leader

Sherief is a recognized business and community leader in Deerfield Beach and greater Boca Raton, Florida, where his generosity has made a meaningful impact in multiple ways. His philanthropic pursuits also extend beyond Florida and are making a positive difference nationwide— both for the cause of mental health and recovery and the future of behavioral healthcare.

Through his company FHE Health and associated businesses, Sherief has provided leadership that has shaped the healthcare industry and donated countless hours and funds to support those in need. One of his many philanthropic endeavors: The creation of the “Hope for Healing Scholarship,” an educational grant that supports students with academic interests in mental health and addiction treatment.


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Salem State University
  • Bachelor’s degree in Adult Health Nurse/Nursing – Salem State University

Licenses & Certifications

  • Certified Addiction Professional (CAP)
    • The CAP is a professional credential for people who provide services to individuals with substance use conditions.

Professional Experience

  • Florida House Experience (Now FHE Health) Founder
  • FHE HealthFounder & CEO
  • FHE Health Restore Founder
  • Sunlight Recovery – Founder
Sherief Abu Moustafa FHE Health

The national behavioral health provider—which Sherief both started and founded—has been successfully treating addiction and other mental health conditions since it first opened its doors in 2001.

Sherief Abu Moustafa Sunlight Recovery

Sunlight Recovery, a detox, and residential substance abuse treatment center, is an outgrowth of Sherief Abu-Moustafa‘s commitment to serving the South Florida community with excellent substance abuse care.

Sherief Moustafa - Sun health center

Sun Health Centers is an outpatient provider of specialized services in brain optimization and recovery. View Sherief Abu-Moustafa’s bio page.

FHE-Restore-Sherief Moustafa

Restore Founder and CEO Sherief Moustafa has decades of experience in healthcare leadership, both on the nursing side in various supervisory roles and in business administration.

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